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Wednesday, August 5th, 2009


“Lagos — To serve as an adequate precaution against rising insecurity in the country and in a bid to provide full proof security for lives, property and cash in transit in West African sub-region, INKAS, Canada, a Canadian firm, and SAPID HOLDINGS LIMITED, Nigeria have joined hands and created a joint venture firm, INKASTRANS LIMITED , Lagos, to supply genuine and long lasting quality bulletproof and assorted armored vehicles to the region to mitigate risks and insecurity to property and human life.

The vehicle types are custom manufactured to suit profiled needs depending on threat assessment concluded in consultation with the client. Inkastrans Limited, Nigeria is created to cater to the needs of all African countries. It could be recalled that Nigeria has been bedeviled by high rate of insecurity in recent times resulting in Bank Robberies, attacks on Bullion Vans, assassinations and kidnapping incidents in various parts of Nigeria especially in the Niger Delta Regions. Even diplomats, journalists and care workers are not exempted and just recently Ms. Julie Ann Mulligan, a 45 years old Canadian citizen, a mother of two kids, was kidnapped while visiting Nigeria with four others as part of Rotary Club Exchange Programme. She was got freed unharmed in Kaduna with help of Security Personnel.

The Inkas Group of Companies assured that the vehicles manufactured by them will put a check on these developments and it will help in bringing down the rate of criminal activities in Nigeria, as the vehicles will be custom made after realizing the needs of the customer safety requirements.

According to the President/CEO of Inkas, Canada, Mr. David Khazanski, the company manufactures in such a way that the protection level provided and security features installed exceed the identified level of potential threat thereby providing a significant margin of extra safety. Their website are: ( and ( He added that the higher levels of protection offered by Inkas Group of Companies not only protect against direct fire from modern assault rifles but also against the high power weapons that fire armor piercing projection. The vehicles come in assorted kinds of bullion vans, SUVs, Armored Personnel Carriers (Police Trucks) and are built to suit Nigerian Transport System and available infrastructure.

For delivering the best after sales services to their clientele, Inkastrans Limited, Lagos has plans to bring in their engineers to start Workshop facility and Service Centre in their Femi Pearse Premises. On the technology used, the company chief executive said they ensure high levels of protection by using a full assortment of advanced defensive technology. “INKAS GROUP” manufactures its armored products utilizing top quality ballistic materials sourced from the world class manufacturers based in US and European Countries The materials chosen for each vehicle are selected in accordance with the clients’ desired level of protection” he said. These levels of protection are based on national and international ballistic standards established by the European Ballistic Standard, the Underwriters Laboratory and the US National Institute of Justice.”

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