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INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing prides itself on offering armored vehicles which ensure optimal defence against ballistic threats. Depending on the threat assessment concluded in consultation with the client, the vehicle of the desired type and configuration is custom manufactured to suit the profiled need. INKAS® also manufactures in such a way that the production level obtained exceeds the identified level of potential threat; thereby, providing a significant margin of extra safety. The higher levels of protection offered by INKAS® can not only protect against direct fire from modern assault rifles, but also against the high power weapons that fire armor piercing projections.

To ensure the highest levels of protection INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing uses a full assortment of advanced defensive technology. INKAS® manufactures its armored products utilizing top quality ballistic steel and glass; as well as, the most modern composite and transparent ballistic materials available. The materials chosen for each vehicle are selected in accordance with the clients’ desired level of protection. These levels of protection are based on National and International Ballistic Standards (see ballistic chart). In its testing, INKAS® refers to the standards established by the European Ballistic Standard, the Underwriters Laboratory, and the US National Institute of Justice.

Our mission at INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing is to provide the highest of quality armored vehicles to protect our clients’ lives and valuables.

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