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Armoured Chevrolet Suburban

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

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• Available in all levels of Ballistic Protection
• Upgraded suspension to compensate for additional weight
• Strap/retainers on all four (4) doors to limit the opening
• Fuel Tank protection installed
• All overlaps, rear swing door and ceiling re-upholstered with the material matching the original OEM upholstery
• Run-Flats devises installed in all tires
• 4WD, 2500 4dr SUV
• Suburban LT Equipment Group
• 6.0L V8, 16 valve engine
• 352hp @5400rpm
• 6 Speed Automatic Transmission
• Premium Leather Interior
• Heated seats
• Black Exterior
• Rear Climate Control
• AM/FM Radio with CD/MP3