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Message from the President


Since the establishment of INKAS® in 1993, “PROTECTION” had been our motto and guiding principle. Over the last two decades, INKAS® has grown to become an international leader in the design and production of top quality, luxury armored vehicles. Our expertise in manufacturing specialized vehicles combined with our commitment to PROTECTION of human lives naturally steered INKAS® into the area of environmental protection, leading to the creation of INKASTRANS ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION LTD®.

Following the success of INKAS® as a leader in its respective industries, INKASTRANS ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION LTD® has taken a prominent role in the field of environmental protection by further growing the range of specialized vehicles and equipment as well as creating a line of revolutionary INKAS-SORB® sorbent products along with innovative technology for their application.

Today, INKASTRANS ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION LTD® possesses an extensive range of equipment, materials and owns the expertise to spearhead the Oil Spill Cleanup industry.

INKASTRANS ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION LTD® is proud to play an active role in the ongoing challenge of mitigating the devastating effects of oil spills. Such environmental disasters pose danger not only to marine, freshwater, and terrestrial ecosystems, but can also have wide-ranging impacts on human health, agriculture and the economy. INKASTRANS ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION LTD® is dedicated to providing technical knowledge, materials, equipment, and expertise and has the capacity to tackle oil spill emergencies of all sizes on water and on land all over the globe.

INKASTRANS ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION LTD® goes further than merely providing you with innovative products and state-of-the-art equipment. We work to adjust our unique oil spill cleanup technology to the native conditions of your environment and provide extensive technical training to local communities, creating environmental awareness and new jobs. Taking our initiatives a step further, we have advanced the technology and possess the expertise to produce our unique oil spill cleanup products using renewable resources and vegetation which can be found in your native environments.

Allow us to become your environmental partner; together we can make the world a cleaner place.


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