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INKAS® has been featured on the Globe And Mail with our Global Sales manager, Phillip Daskal explaining the business of armored vehicles, and sales over seas.

“Bullet casings the size of your pinky finger litter the floor of a small room inside an anonymous brown-brick industrial building in Toronto’s suburbs. A sign in the hall outside reads: “Live Ammunition Test. Do Not Enter.” A collection of squares of dark-grey steel, about the size of coffee-table books, are scattered on a workbench. Some are punctuated with small, white dents and pockmarks. Others have bullet-sized holes. A pane of inch-thick glass, spider-webbed but not shattered, leans against the wall.

Global Sales Manager, Philip Daskal
Global Sales Manager, Philip Daskal, poses
in the paint booth with a light armoured vehicle
Photo: Peter Power, The Globe and Mail

This is the stuff of which bulletproof cars are made. On the factory floor down the corridor, the staff of Inkas Armoured Vehicle Manufacturing–one of several low-profile companies in the Toronto area in the business–are stripping apart and retrofitting brand-name SUVs and luxury sedans, mostly bound for overseas customers.

Only steel that passes the ultimate test–being shot at–is used. Philip Daskal, the company’s global sales manager, holds up a plate of Ukrainian-made metal that was supposed to be able to stop bullets, but has three neat, circular holes blasted right through it: “We tested it out and it went through it like butter.”

Along with armour, Inkas offer other protective options. The company’s slick pamphlet lists a variety of James Bond-ish upgrades: smokescreens and tack-dispensing systems to frustrate pursuers, or night-vision cameras and hidden external microphones to keep tabs on crowds. “Run-flat” tires that work even after a bad guy has shot them come standard on every car. The armoured car market is, thankfully, almost exclusively an export business, Daskal says.”

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