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We at INKAS® consider our clients’ satisfaction our number one priority. In order to make their Armored Vehicle purchasing experience more pleasurable, we have come up with several upgrade packages that are optional with most 2010 auto models.

INKAS® Premium Executive Package – upgraded tires/ rims/ brakes/ engine support, and additional suspension upgrades

INKAS® Premium Technology Package – Custom interior modification

INKAS® Premium Communication Package – 100w multi-tone siren/ PA system/ 2-way communication/ custom LED strobe lights

Below are some more features that are available on all INKAS® Vehicles:

Alarm Heated Seats Center Consoles
Sirens Fire Rated Safes Glass Tint
P/A Systems Armored Run-Flats Smoke Screens
Strobe Lights Power Cooler Despensing Systems
Push Guards Stretching of Chassis Additional Outlets
Gun Ports Fire Extinguishers Interior Lighting
DVD with LCD Monitor Additional Tables Custom Leather
Video and Camera Drivers Side Window Passenger Side Window
Survelliance Operable Operable

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