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INKAS® is recognized by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services as a Training facility for specific security
guard programs and courses. Through the INKAS® training Academy, The Company offers comprehensive training programs utilizing
both in-house and independent instructors.

The INKAS® Training Academy was founded with two goals in mind: to first create a program that is responsible for customized
training for current and future security related assignments and second; to offer general, unique and specific training to the industry as a whole. The Training Academy allows the Company to respond quickly to new assignments and contracts and
ensures that all guards and personnel possess strict standards of proficiency and compliance.

Tactical Preparedness:

Part of the Academy curriculum focuses on tactical preparedness. Tactical preparedness can only be achieved through the
provision of equipment, the essential personnel in place and extensive training. The security assessment performed for each
new contract, assignment and location addresses potential emergency scenarios. INKAS® Management and Trainers work closely
with industry professionals and clients to determine threats and to prepare tactical response protocols. The INKAS® Academy
uses both in-house and independent trainers.

Current Training Initiatives:

INKAS® is constantly striving for improvement. New training courses, seminars and instructors are frequently being added
to the overall Training Academy curriculum. Specific training initiatives are easily be adapted to customers’ needs and ensure
timely responses and operational proficiency.

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