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INKASTRANS Ltd. began operating essential Safe and Secure Services in the field of V.I.Ps’ Escort transportation in Nigeria.

The company guarantees to its clients, the maximum luxurious, comfortable and secure escorts- transportation’s to any place in Nigeria.

The luxurious vehicles we own, are the latest models of Armored Toyota Landcruisers and Armored Chevrolet Suburban, manned with the drivers-attendance crew, specially trained for V.I.P’s.

All transportation VIP escorts provided on STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL bases.

For luxury and safe business, or pleasure trips anywhere within the country, airport arrivals and departures, sightseeing and more our company is the preferred choice.
Services are available on per trip bases, per hour or weekly/monthly contract.

We are proud to offer you top-quality V.I.P. services in Lagos and area!

For more information visit INKAS Security.

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